Monex Group to launch Tradable in Japan

Major Partnership: Monex to Launch Tradable in Japan COPENHAGEN, May 9, 2013 - Monex, Inc., today announced that it is partnering with Tradable to offer the revolutionary trading platform to its client base of 1,300,000 traders in Japan.

The partnership is Tradable's most significant announcement to date and marks a major step forward in their rapid global expansion plans. It is a significant coup for Tradable to be entering the Japanese market just six months after launching its beta version.

Voted the most innovative financial product at the ForexMagnates Summit in London 2012, Tradable allows traders to create a completely customised online trading platform using third party developed apps to fully define their trading experience. The Tradable environment, with its innovative 'app-store' model, has generated much interest amongst the retail trading community. In partnership with Monex, the localized version of Tradable will be available for Japanese retail traders within a few months.

Oki Matsumoto, CEO of Monex comments, "Our partnership with Tradable reflects Monex's strategy of introducing our clients to the most innovative products on the market - and we are therefore delighted to be the first Japanese broker to adopt and roll out Tradable. Our clients will benefit from having access to the most exciting trading tool in the marketplace. They will be able to create their own customized trading tools by putting together the apps they most like. This is a great partnership for both Monex and Tradable."

Christian Frahm, Executive Chairman of Tradable comments:

Monex is one of Japan’s most prestigious financial services brands and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner to be the first mover with Tradable in Japan.

Japan is a key market for Tradable. Industry figures show that 35-40% of the retail FX volume comes from Japan – so our new partnership with Monex marks a key milestone in accelerating our growth and strengthens our position as the eco-system for trading. We know it has taken over a decade for other trading platforms to have a strong presence in Japan but we always envisioned Tradable to be ‘born global’. After receiving fantastic feedback from the Japanese trading community, we are excited to be entering the Japanese market so quickly with Monex, the industry leader and a renowned innovator, as our partner.

Monex provides individual investors with the best financial services and liberal access to the capital markets. For more information on Monex, visit

Tradable is a ground breaking open API front-end trading platform. For further information, visit

Tradable's live debut

We’ve been steadily working to make trading a more personal and engaging experience. Finally after a year of hard coding and close collaboration with third-party developers, we are very excited to introduce you to the first open trading platform, which is characterized by high flexibility and is filled with amazing trading apps. Earlier this month, our CEO Jannick Malling shook hands with CEO of TradeNext Mohsin Jameel, and entered into a promising partnership at the London Investor Show. The latter has emphasized “The Tradable platform offers a new flavor for the traders in the market. People can build their platforms to suit them with the content of their choice”.  The first of many more deals to come.

Tradable is now available on live accounts, with:

  • 8 default apps, that will get you started
  • A brand new UI design
  • A fully integrated App Store with an ever-growing list of apps users can choose from
  • Intuitive dragging and dropping of apps
  • New Indicators in the Chart App
  • New Welcome App with the platform tour and the list of things to come
  • Notification Center with a real time updates to users on their trading activity, connection information, app updates, and much more.

We’re trail blazing in the trading industry and aim to provide an exceptional trading experience. Thank you for the support, and we encourage you to stay tuned for more awesome stuff we have been cooking.

​Citi partners with Tradable to offer FX liquidity

Press Release

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Nov. 19, 2012 – Tradable, the recently-launched open API and app store trading platform, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Citi to offer CitiFX TradeStream liquidity. The agreement will allow brokers on the Tradable platform to trade with Citi as a counterparty through the CitiFX TradeStream liquidity and margin solution.

“We are extremely pleased to offer CitiFX TradeStream as one of our initial liquidity partners. It is paramount for Tradable, our brokers and partners that we offer a diverse pool of top-end trading liquidity”, said Jannick Malling, CEO and co-founder of Tradable.

“We've always believed that brokers should be able to trade with whatever liquidity provider they want, choosing the liquidity that best fits their business model. Citi has proven to be one of the most committed and innovative players in this industry”, said Christian Frahm, Chairman and founder.

CitiFX TradeStream helps small- to mid-sized institutions improve their FX trading operations by providing a one-stop solution from Citi for counterparty relationship, liquidity sourced from multiple contributors, and leading technology. The Tradable partnership represents a new milestone for Citi and their TradeStream offering.

“Citi is excited to partner with Tradable. We share Tradable’s vision of an open model that benefits the broker, the liquidity provider and the end-client. The industry is looking for something new, and we are happy to be one of the early adopters of a model that we think is going to drive innovation and help reshape the industry. We believe CitiFX TradeStream with its ultra competitive aggregated liquidity, available through a margin account directly with Citi, is the perfect fit for Tradable and their broker partners”, said Alex Knight, Global Head of FX Margin Trading at Citi.

tradable, which recently won the award as the Most Innovative Financial Product at the ForexMagnates Summit in London, has already announced its BETA launch with six FSA regulated brokers in the UK and will announce additional broker and liquidity partnerships in the coming months.

About Tradable: Tradable is an open trading platform that allows traders to tailor their trading environment with 3rd party apps available on the Tradable app store. With the Tradable API, 3rd party developers can build and deploy a range of custom trading tools and apps, designed to empower traders. The Tradable platform is offered to traders through regulated brokers and financial institutions only.

About Citi:

Citi, the leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. 

Tradable wins award for Most Innovative Financial Product

London: Forex Magnates is pleased to announce that Tradable has been awarded the Most Innovative Financial Product at the prestigious Forex Magnates Awards which took place in the worlds financial capital on the 14th November 2012 at the Grange Hotel in St Paul’s.

Jannick Malling, CEO of tradable and Michael Greenberg Founder and CEO of Forex Magnates

The awards took place at the inaugural Forex Magnates Summit which was attended by over 500 influential players in the FX and derivatives trading space. The one day event commenced with the New Financial Trends Panel and panelists included CEO’s of the world’s large financial and technology firms. The event was the first of its kind as senior members of the retail and institutional FX markets were brought together.

tradable’s CEO, Jannick Malling received the award from Michael Greenberg, Founder and CEO of Forex Magnates.

Jannick Malling, CEO of Tradable spoke about the awards, he says “It’s a fantastic award to win having just launched and we’re really excited that the industry share the vision of Tradable. People have said that this industry lacks innovation, but we can see that changing and we’re looking forward to helping tech companies bring more innovative ideas to market with the open Tradable platform and appstore”.

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About Forex Magnates

Forex Magnates is a specialized forex news source and trading research firm.

News source: Forex Magnates has been on the forefront of forex breaking news publishing since early 2009. Forex Magnates is the go to source for most of the retail and institutional forex industry leaders and market participants who would like to see the latest breaking news and receive an in-depth analysis of latest events.

Quarterly report: Since Q1 2011 Forex Magnates publishes a quarterly retail forex report over-viewing latest market trends, trading volumes and developments in various regions. The quarterly report is used by hundreds of forex brokers, banks, investment firms and others to gather the most accurate overview of the otherwise little researched industry.

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Research: Forex Magnates performs specialized ad-hoc research as required by clients in various branches of the financial industry. Forex Magnates utilizes its network of hundreds of market participants to conduct the most thorough and detailed reports possible. Lately the Forex Magnates Research team has performed various research reports from detailed mapping of the forex market in little known regions through overview of the latest financial technology trends and available options to global CFD market overview and forecast.

BETA launch of world's first open trading platform

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Nov. 13, 2012 – Tradable, the world’s first open trading platform, today announced the beta launch of its platform that allows traders to seamlessly add third party developed apps to fully define their trading experience.

Tradable has introduced the integrated App Store concept to the world of retail trading.  Traders are able to download apps crowd-sourced from a worldwide community of financially savvy third-party developers, enabling them to completely customize their platform’s feature-set to work in the way that best suits their particular trading style. “The retail trading market has become much more diversified in recent years and today you don’t just have one type of retail trader. The tools and strategies that investors use to engage the markets are different: some use automated algorithmic strategies, other prefer social trading networks, some perform their own technical analysis while other rely on signaling services and more ’old school‘ click trading”, said Jannick Malling, CEO and co-founder of Tradable. The Tradable platform caters for this through its integrated App Store that is a one-stop-shop for the very best trading tools in the market: “With Tradable, they are getting all of those tools in the one and same platform – a platform that constantly evolves as new tools are built by our third-party developer community”.

Christian Frahm, Chairman and founder, further explained the motivation behind creating the platform: “The online world is becoming a much more open, social and collaborative place. Even though the online trading industry has traditionally been a late adopter of trends on the web, this has become true for this industry as well.”

After 18 months of development and a private launch for beta developers in March, the platform has now officially onboarded its first six FSA regulated brokers.  Tradable has worked with more than 50 app developers to create a diverse App Store offering. "There is definitely a gap in the market for a platform like Tradable, which will connect traders, brokers and developers in a whole new way that ultimately fulfills everyone's needs by making the marketplace for trading tools and apps more transparent and efficient”, said Michael Babushkin, co-founder.

Currently, apps include automated trading tools, algorithmic trading strategies, social trading apps, charting tools, technical analysis, education apps, squawk services, market news and market data apps. Dow Jones, NetDania, BETA Group and 4CAST are among the first companies to create Tradable apps, along with a number of smaller financial technology firms and fin-tech startups. “Lots of companies and developers want to create their own niche trading tools. By creating a platform which they can build on top of we’re leveraging all of the great ideas and talent that already exists in the market as well as providing an easy route to distribution through the Tradable App Store” said Artem Kozyrev, CTO and co-founder of Tradable. Malling continued, “Instead of building an entire trading system from scratch every time they get a great idea, they simply build an app.”

Tradable was founded by a team of senior experts with proven track record within the industry, including Christian Frahm, Chairman, Michael Babushkin, Board Member, Artem Kozyrev, CTO, Cristi “Birt” Dumitrescu, CAO and

Jannick Malling, CEO.

The company now employs over 35 people in offices in Copenhagen, London, New York and St. Petersburg including financial engineers from Devexperts, who developed best of breed trading platforms such as TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim, renowned algorithmic trading experts behind, some of the most creative talent in the New York tech scene and the team behind the biggest FX broker network in CFH Markets.

Tradable is selectively accepting applications for additional app developers. Traders who wish to demo a beta version of the platform should contact their Tradable registered broker directly.