Tradable Layout for Swing Traders

By Boris Antonov - March 24, 2015

The Tradable Swing trader workspace provides a market overview with analytical tools that benefit traders looking for long term trading and analysis. The apps (tools) provided allow for the planning and execution of long term trades as well as effective portfolio management. It is ideal for swing traders looking to have all the information in one place.

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Tradable Layout for Scalpers

By Boris Antonov - March 12, 2015

The Tradable Scalper workspace offers a stable, User-friendly layout that is able to effectively and seamlessly translate analysis into trades. The apps provided allow for quick market overview and order entry, as well as effective trade management that benefit scalpers looking for fast execution of multiple orders.

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Tradable layout for News Traders

By Boris Antonov - March 3, 2015

The News Trader workspace layout features the most useful apps for trading around big news events. The apps allow traders to have an overview of the current market situation, news releases, their importance, and order entry apps that help traders execute trades quickly during times with high volatility.

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New App – Profit Goal

By Patrick Mortensen -

A simple app that allows users to set a profit they want to make on a selected position and see how far they are from reaching the goal.

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Monex launches Tradable in Japan

By Patrick Mortensen - November 28, 2014

Japanese Monex has gone live with Tradable in Japan as the first broker in Asia to offer the award winning platform as its next-generation trading platform.

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ACM Gold to bring Tradable to Africa

By Patrick Mortensen - November 26, 2014

ACM Gold, Africa’s biggest broker, has just announced it is partnering with Tradable in order to become the first African broker to roll out the innovative trading platform on the continent.

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A New UI – Not Just Skin-deep

By Patrick Mortensen -

We have spent the past months overhauling the platform with a fresh new look and feel. We think it looks great, but it’s not all about appearances.

And it’s all coming to your here in December – It’s our designers christmas present to you.

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