TradingView gets trade-enabled inside Tradable

TradingView, the popular chart and analysis platform, which unites over 700,000 traders every month, has enabled its chart for trading inside Tradable as a free charting tool app.

The new charting tool was developed following demand from traders across the globe. With trade-on-chart functionality that allows traders to manage their trades directly from a TradingView chart. 

The chart has been integrated with other Tradable apps, enabling users to supplement their TradingView charting activity with the very best tools in terms of trade management, analysis and automation.

Tradable is an innovative company which aims to radically improve the trading experience. It enables traders to build their own dashboard based on apps, which they find most useful and we are delighted to be a part of that.
— Stan Bokov, Co-Founder and COO, TradingView

TradingView chart with integrated trading and display of related orders

TradingView inside Tradable supports hundreds of indicators and drawing tools, multiple chart instances, custom time intervals, measuring tools, symbol comparison, multiple chart types of charts, trading for the charts as well as displaying your related orders.

In future versions we are looking at adding even more indicators, fundamental company metrics, study templates and custom indicator development with the pine scripting editor.

Please go to and try out the trade-enabled version of TradingView inside Tradable.

Lex van Dam democratizes trading with a range of new trading tools on Tradable

Lex van Dam, Hedge Fund manager, renowned trader and creator of BBC’s famous “Million Dollar Trader” show has launched a series of trading tools together with Tradable.

Lex van Dam, Hedge Fund Trader & creator of BBC's "Million Dollar Trader"

Lex has over the past decades provided education on trading and investing to an ever-growing global following of novice and experienced traders. The 5-Step-Trading® methodology developed by Lex van Dam and used in the Trading Academy is the basis for the 15 trading tools being released. 

Lex’ range of trading tools are looking to aid the pressing challenge of information overload most traders face. For Traders not knowing what to react on and when, the trading tools helps traders to focus and react on information relevant in the moment. 

I’m on a quest to make trading more accessible, offering the highest quality information and tools without the trader having to invest unnecessarily in expensive resources. It’s often difficult for people to know what to do and what they need to access when they start trading. There’s so much information it can be very overwhelming. In my experience, even people who trade using established institutional platforms tend to use less than 5% of the resources available to them.
— Lex van Dam

The tools developed by Lex have been composed into a set of new trading screen layouts inside Tradable. The layouts are constructed in a way aiming at supporting traders to generate new ideas and help them control their emotions, manage their risk and preserve their capital. 

The 15 trading tools range from technical based tools, trade execution tools, risk management tools to fundamentally themed tools.

The Fundamental Matrix trading tool provides a convenient overview of the economic data of the major currencies that allows traders to easily assess the recent strength of an economy by looking at economic indicators such as Unemployment, GDP, CPI and more.

The Radar trading tool gives a broad technical overview of the assets your are focused on. Traders can easily see daily percentage changes and instantly get a visual overview of short term trends. The Radar shows current values on indicators such as RSI, Stochastic, and ADX and gives you a quick overview without having to look through charts.

Other trading tools in the Lex van Dam suite includes the Economic Calendar, Momentum Scoring, Price Alerts, Trade Board, Time Box, Intraday Result, Intraday Breakdown, Risk Sizer, Net Exposures, Rolling, Scenario Analysis Matrix, Trade Journal & Positions.

Please go to to try a limited paper trading trial of the trading tools or join Lex’ webinars to see the trading tools he designed in action.

Ways into trading - GCMS tools

If you’re just starting to trade you have a whole new world to discover. It is definitely exciting, but it can also be overwhelming sometimes. Some of you may find the theoretical concepts hard to grasp others may struggle with their practical application or understanding the charts. Initial difficulties however do not set you up for failure. Some of the most exceptional  traders on Wall Street had it very hard before finally making it, and we at Tradable believe you too can follow in their footsteps. If you have the determination to succeed we have the right tools for you! Whatever your prior experience Tradable brings you all the necessary tools in one platform to help you achieve your goal. ‘Ways into trading’ is a series of articles that will introduce you to a number of apps that you as an aspiring trader will find helpful to start your trading career.

You may have heard stories of people getting rich fairly quick from trading or saw an advert promising lucrative returns. You may have gotten excited, went ahead and opened your first demo or small live account to start testing the waters right away. It is not a bad start and probably that is the road most people take. However sooner or later but surely after the first streak of losses, the realisation that you may have skipped the education part suddenly hits you. Great traders say losing trades are the best teachers. Most newcomers only realize they need to learn and seek the help of professionals once they hit the brick wall. But you don't have to get yourself in the trouble of finding your much needed help somewhere on the internet, it is already there in the Tradable AppStore. Educators, online trading schools developed their own tools for Tradable so you can access top notch resources, lessons and tips easily from your platform.

GCMS Trading Tactics

This app was developed by Global Capital Market Solutions and reflects their trading philosophy. Trading Tactics is a powerpoint-like presentation that deals with three major topics that could be of interest to any trader, beginner or intermediate:

  1. Find out the causes of losses. There’s a difference between losses and losing trades. Every trader experiences losing trades; that is the consequence of probability and normal distribution and you can never know why some trades turn out to be winners while others don’t. The point is that you can be profitable with taking losing trades every once in a while, however losses will destroy you. Losses have nothing to do with probability they are recurring a symptoms of deeply ingrained poor trading habits.

  2. Learn an effective news trading strategy. For easier execution we recommend the use of Straddle Trader.

  3. Get your psychology fixed. Almost all unprofitable traders fall into one of the following two categories: they either over trade (take the trades they shouldn’t) or under trade (don’t take the trades they should). Get tips on how to overcome the issue that stands in the way of your trading success.

GCMS Practical Technical Analysis

Another educational but more technical oriented app from GCMS. Similarly to Trading Tactics the technical concepts are laid out as a handy in-platform presentation with the ability to jump to your selected content or slide through the entire material. Download the app, and start learning:

  1. Get familiar with candlesticks, the building blocks of charts

  2. Detect trends with (multiple) moving averages

  3. Find turning points in the market with RSI

  4. Monitor volatility and track changing market conditions with Bollinger Bands

There’s a lot of helpful tools for new traders serious about trading just waiting for you in Tradable. Next time you are stuck or confused in your trading don’t forget the answer to your questions might lie closer than you think: in your trading platform. In the next ‘Ways into trading’ article you can find out more about other "new to trading" and learning tools available in Tradable.

Trade aiding tools

Trading is unique in many ways and cannot be compared to other professions. The freedom, potential rewards and the challenge of succeeding in the markets - to highlight a few features - are special to this ‘job’. Of course there are much more, one could argue that traders are also self-reliant, but that is not necessarily true. As retail trading evolves, and more and more services appear on the scene traders increasingly utilize them to boost their edge. In fact these services become integral part of their trading saving users hours of screen time they don’t have, and hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost trades they can’t afford.

Tradable is working with several third party service providers to help traders unleash their potential. Trading Central, Autochartist, 3CA - services sought after by tens of thousands of traders worldwide - having built their own apps now bring their analysis and insights right into your platform. However as convenient as this sounds, these are not standalone tools or robots that do all the work for you. They meant to aid your established trading routine: make up for the time you spend more valuable, for example with friends and family or stop you from improvised trading decisions.


Save time and energy by taking advantage of trade aiding tools like Trading Central, 3CS or Autochartist. Tradable offers over 100 instruments* to trade, yet not even the most experienced traders are able to track more than third of that. And if we consider that these tools scan all the 100 instruments on multiple time frames, you can easily see why no single trader can match the power of these apps. Trading central, 3CA and Autochartist monitor the available instruments for levels, patterns and signals on several time frames multiplying your potential trading opportunities. Having their apps on your workspace is like hiring your own little research and analysis department to provide you with high probability trade setups.

Save money and boost your trading results with your trade aiding tools in Tradable. Trading Central provides you with the most important levels and possible directions while Autochartist identifies and alerts you of emerging trading patterns and potential targets across dozens of markets. 3CA’s apps bring you comprehensive background analysis and real-time updates on price developments with precise entries, stops and targets. As the saying goes: there is a bull and a bear side to the market but only one of them is the right side. Matching your analysis against expert insights helps you stay on the right side and keeps you out of random or low probability trades.


Trade aiding tools are not only for pros who already know what they do. Trading central or 3CA are ideal for beginners as well who would like to learn and practice how to determine trend, identify support and resistance or find trading sentiment for the day. Follow and observe their reports and as you gain more experience try to create your own analysis then compare them and check if they match. Autochartist on the other hand is a great tool for the students of pattern trading. If you would like to find out how to translate patterns (such as head & shoulders, triangles, wedges, double tops and bottoms) you read about in textbooks into actionable trading setups, try Autochartist.

* Subject to broker

Tradable launches iView Charts by Steve Ruffley

Steve Ruffley’s iViewCharts is a set of custom indicators that provides a market overview, price levels, and signals. It is based on Steve Ruffley’s 80/20 rule of trading, that the markets move 80% of the time technically and 20% fundamentally. It uses a combination of trading analysis techniques encompassing all time frames. The combination of indicators and templates means no matter how you trade you know where the market is looking for support and resistance.

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