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By adding simple html code you can add a bottom floating ribbon to your web-based service working fully responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

On this off the shelf CMS tool (Squarespace), I have added the following html code: "<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//[YOURAPPID].js"></script>

 The below text is a blog post borrowed from Anna Coullings great blog at

The daily chart of the CAD/USD is one of those examples where the description of technical analysis being an art and not a science, neatly sums up the price action of the last three months with perfect symmetry around the low January 2016. December’s bearish trend with its pause point in the 0.7200 region, followed by the second leg lower to touch a low of 0.6809 in mid January, has since been perfectly mirrored with a consequent rise, back to the congestion region at 0.7200 and a subsequent rally to regain the level of the initial move lower. Perfect symmetry coupled with sustained buying on the 20th January. This type of price action is unusual in the extreme. It is rare to find a rally of this extent from a single candle, simply because the general pattern is for the price action to consolidate first, and then to rally once the selling pressure has been absorbed.

So a wonderful example of art in action on the daily chart, and the question now is whether the picture will be completed with an extended congestion phase at this level and mirroring that to the left of the chart. This now seems likely given we are approaching a high volume node on the volume point of control, and if so art will be repeated.

By Anna Coulling

Tradable nominated as one of the most promising and innovative European FinTech companies

Tradable has been nominated as one of the most innovative and disruptive European FinTech services within PFM Trading & Investing by the European FinTech Awards. It’s a panel comprising a number of thought leaders in finance and technology from Think Different Group, Fintech Connect, Santander Innoventures, Deutsche Bank, Accel, BNP Paribas, ABN AMRO Bank and BBVA to mention but a few.

We’re extremely exited about the nomination. We’re on a mission to bring new innovating trading services that matter to traders and investors. We work tirelessly to connect the creative mobile and web industry to the world of financial trading, by lowering the barriers of entry and making it as simple as possible for developers to build seamless trading functionality across the new financial web.
— Patrick Mortensen, Head of Commercial, Tradable

Technician App Partners with Tradable for Unique Trading and Analysis Experience

Technician, powered by ChartIQ, was launched in July of 2015 as a personal trading and analysis tool for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The free app provides professional-grade HTML5 charts and technical analysis tools for traders on-the-go. With its new partnership and integration with Tradable, Technician users will now have the ability to connect to one or several major FX brokerages and trade currency pairs quickly and easily from the platform, capitalizing on the product’s real-time forex data. Technician’s unique Trade from the Chart visualizations and price sliders make it easy for FX traders to quickly execute trades with their analysis right in front of them on the chart.

Technician, powered by ChartIQ integrated with trading via Tradable

Technician, powered by ChartIQ integrated with trading via Tradable

Today’s traders need a technical analysis and trading platform that is real-time and accessible anytime from anywhere. The integration with Tradable shows our continuing dedication in expanding into new markets and we are excited to get into forex.
— Dan Schleifer, co-founder and CEO of ChartIQ

With Tradable, Technician users will be able to trade through a number of brokerages including FXCM, One Financial Markets,, JFD Brokers and others. With Tradable, users can enjoy a low level of latency and a high level of security.

We are truly excited about our new partnership with Technician. The speed at which Technician is evolving is remarkable. We are amazed by the impressive growth and constant flow of great new tools Technician is providing. Being part of such a great service, with our integrated trading API, means a great deal to us and is really what we are all about. Technician has integrated trading very intuitively and simple. We look forward to seeing how traders looking for an edge in their trading will embrace the trading-enabled service.
— Patrick Mortensen, Head of Commercial at Tradable

Technician includes over 85 studies and indicators, drawing capabilities, custom intervals, and free real-time US equity and forex data. Integrations with StockTwits and Yahoo! Finance allow traders to stay up-to-date on market news. Technician is available on all major devices -- including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and desktops – at

QuantumTrading & Anna Coulling Launches apps in the Tradable Ecosystem

Anna Coulling, Market strategist, trader and author of  bestseller trading books has designed a range of tools developed by QuantumTrading that now are available inside Tradable. 

The trading tools are created to support a trading methodology created by Anna Coulling called the “Three Dimensional Approach of Trading”. Similar to how a cube has three equally important dimensions, Anna believes trading is done correctly by understanding that fundamental analysis, technical analysis and relational analysis are three equally important aspects of the markets.

“Just like three strands twisted together forming an almost unbreakable bond, combining the 3 dimensions of markets gives you the best chance to make informed trading decisions.”
— Anna Coulling, Trader and Educator.

As a natural extension of the best practices and methodology Anna shares from her books and her webinars, the QuantumTrading tools helps traders detect real flows by analysing price and volume. Two factors, which according to Anna Coulling are the most important measures of market sentiment. 

QuantumTrading, by Anna Coulling

QuantumTrading, by Anna Coulling

Anna comments, “Only by taking these two indicators into account do you get the true picture of what is happening on your chart. Price and volume confirms or invalidates each other. They will tell you if there is real flow behind the price change and if it is worth risking your money on a trade or whether it is better for you to pass on the trade and wait for a better opportunity.” 

The trading tools designed by Anna Coulling are grouped into four categories; Currency flow monitoring indicators, technical analysis tools and indicators, volume indicator & volatility tool.

Try out the tools on a paper trading account for a limited period by signing up for a free trial here. 

Exclusive Webinar: Trading from TradingView and the 5-Step-Trading® approach, hosted by Lex van Dam

This Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00 PM BST (13:00 PM EDT) Tradable and TradingView are co-hosting an exclusive webinar, featuring Lex van Dam − world renowned hedge fund manager and creator of BBC’s popular TV series Million Dollar Traders.

The webinar will feature Lex’s current view on trading opportunities in the market, his proprietary trading approach 5-Step-Trading®, supported by the Lex van Dam trading suite.

TradingView blog webinar.png

The webinar will also feature an exclusive preview of our new TradingView app for Tradable, which features new, unique trading features such as trading from charts, and seeing orders and positions directly overlayed on TradingView’s charts. Stan Bokov, co-founder & COO of TradingView and Jannick Malling, CEO & co-founder of Tradable, will also join the webinar to provide an exclusive first-look at the application and talk about the collaboration.


  • Intro to Lex van Dam and the LvD Academy
  • Current market themes and opportunities using The 5-Step-Trading® approach
  • Trading from TradingView: TradingView & Tradable collaboration

The webinar is expected to last 30 minutes and is free for all attendees.

About Lex Van Dam 

The LvD Academy is a leading financial educator founded by Lex van Dam - one of Europe’s most respected hedge fund managers and creator of the BBC Television series Million Dollar Traders. Lex teaches his methods to investors of all experience levels through the Academy's online and on-location training programs covering stocks, currencies, bonds, commodities, economic analysis and risk management.

As an approved Continuing Education (CE) provider, the Academy’s courses are professionally recognized and eligible for credits towards certifications with participating bodies including the IMCA® and CFP®. Lex van Dam is frequently quoted in the media and have been featured by CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, the Financial Times and BBC Television.